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Dear Progressive Music Teacher,

My friend Jonathan Swanson and I have decided to invent a new kind of digital piano that music teachers could recommend to their students.  

Are you honestly satisfied with the way digital piano manufacturers are producing their instruments?

We know there are fantastic companies out there - Yamaha, Roland, and Kawai are just a few. 

But as musicians, composers, songwriters, inventors, and teachers we just weren't satisfied with the way things have been. 

For instance,

  • Have you ever had a parent or student tell you that they can't practice late at night on a digital piano with headphones on because the "thud" sound of the keys is so loud and annoying that it wakes up the people next door?
  • Or have you secretly hated the fact that most 88 key digital pianos are so dang heavy you practically need to call up a friend to lug around your instrument to your next recital or gig?
  • And in addition to those other frustrations, have you wondered why companies haven't seemed to care about the sustain pedal sliding and making a clicking sound?

Let's face it, digital pianos just haven't allowed us to properly express ourselves naturally.

If any of the above pain points resonate with you then please fill out the survey below to let us know how we can make the best digital piano that is both great for you as a teacher, your parents, and your students!

After you fill out the form we will direct you to a page that reveals how I have already made efforts at impacting the music education industry to spread better capabilities for Natural Music Expression™.

In the spirit of better music playing,

Founder - Ryan David Dwyer

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