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Way back in 2004 I was involved with a group piano lesson studio that also sold digital and acoustic pianos. During this time period, I used my superficial knowledge of basic note reading to teach adults and some children out of a very popular lesson book, recommended by some great traditional piano lesson teachers in the local Music Teacher Association. What I did was teach these students for about 2 months according to the prescribed lesson plans and then hand them over to more “qualified” instructors. Ironically, I could have developed a specialized songwriting course back then, but I’m really glad that I held off because it would have been a color based note reading approach.

While teaching the traditional note reading lessons I was always perplexed at how little students actually learned! I’m not referring to their ability to learn. I’m referring to what the literal lessons themselves each prescribed for a teacher to instruct. Secretly, although I was slightly jealous of the revenue stream of the teachers I referred my students to,  my heart also weighed heavily on the student’s behalf, thinking to myself that within 6 months to a year none of those students would probably be given the inspiration to write their own songs, or learn how to spontaneously play.

In 2006, when I finally decided to officially leave the piano selling business, I had a chance to teach a week long summer camp to kids from the highest recommended piano lesson book for 4 and 5-year-olds. The popular workbook has very high-quality drawings that resemble a children’s story book. But the actual lessons being introduced to these kids were - without better words to say -pathetic/inadequate. In order to “help” the lessons be fun for the kids, I came up with my own coloring activities. Suffice it to say, these lessons were all based on note reading, and children learn technical terminology in the “cutest” way possible. But what greatly saddened me is that they weren’t really going to learn much at all from completing the course. This dissatisfaction on behalf of both teachers and students helped to prepare the right soil for the Natural Music ExpressionTM piano learning system.

My goal had always been for students to learn and teachers to teach a whole lot more than what is typically taught during a 3, 6, and 12 month period of lessons. Essentially, I’ve witnessed the limitations of note reading approaches firsthand, and want to give you and your family, and music teacher studios the privilege of having access to something entirely different (and arguably better) in the long run. Something that awakens creativity so powerfully that everyone comes to the conclusion that, "You've Had The Keys All Along!"

Founder - Natural Music Expression,

Ryan David Dwyer

Founder Ryan David Dwyer

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